Aug 24, 2007

Summer Stage 2007 in Our Tennis Academy

Hey Guys!

The summer is nearly over. This summer was full, we had so many kids from diffrent countries: Spain, America, UK, Russia and even from Japan. During the pro.programme we have about 30 players, but now 80!!!!!!! LOTS OF PLAYERS EVERYWHERE: courts, tv room, restaurant.... It was nice to see people from summer stage 2005 (It was my first time in the academy, when I was among those 80 kids hehe) .

Guys, Here in comments you can write about your experience in Summer Stage 2007: what u did, how you train, about your feelings and new friends!!!!

Aug 19, 2007

Questions about our tennis academy!

Hey everybody.

I came back to u guys. Sorry I did write our blog for along time and I wanna say Sorry. Because I had so many tournaments. And I was trying to get Ferrero with your questions. I wanna continue writing again because I like to write for u guys. I wish u understand me.
Well lets start with some things about our academy. The Academy is growing up. Everything is going great here. Everybody is playing tournaments now because in summertime there are so many tournaments. I did it well like everybody. WE had lots of players during this summer.
I remember I promised to answer to your questions and choose the winner. Actually JC Ferrero chose the winner. Ready? The winner is question about why academy named Equelite. I wanna this person to contact me. I have the present for him. Ok guys later I will update more. RESPECT AND BYE.

Oh, for the rest, I have bonus- the answers to your questions. Enjoy it!!!

- THE WINNER!!!!!! Is "Equelite" a coined word? Spanish? What does "Equelite" mean? (Although it may not be a question which should be written here... I wanted to know it from before.)
- Hey thanks for this question. That was idea of Toni Martinez. ( my coach) And Equelite means like school of elite. Where all people have chance to professional players.
- Where should I place lead tape on my head flex point tour to make it like Ferreros?
- You have to find yours model and weight. Each player has his style.
- Hi, I'm Dorothy. I feel like I'm thisclose to being an advanced player but I'm not quite there yet. One thing preventing me is that I can't achieve as much topspin as I would like to, and it must be in my wrist at contact. Any tips?
- You have to concentrate more on your legs. And every time down your legs when u make a shot. I think it will help u
- Hey JC! Something i would really like to know is.. after winning several ATP titles, Roland Garros and the Davis Cup, What is your main goal in tennis now? It would be great if this question could be answered, thanks! Jc you're the best!
- In this year I wanna finish so much in top 10 of ATP. This is my main goal for this year. Thanks for the questions.
- Ah, I've got another question (is it allowed?) this year I'm going to the Ordina Open again. I'm always planning to give JC something. So my question is: what is the best thing a fan could do for you :)?
- Ask me autograph or ask me more interesting questions. It helps me everytime.
- If you could have dinner with 3 any people either alive or dead, who would they be and why?
- 3 people are not enough, if I have chance it will be all my friends and all my family.
- In 2004 JC changes his racquet Prince to a Head and now he plays with a Prince but he 's not with Prince.. so my question is why first he passed from a Prince to a Head in 2004 and now why he returned with a Prince without be with this sponsor?
- Racket is very important part in my game. And I feel better with this racket
- Hi JC. What is the best present a fan ever gave you?
- Present is not very important for me. More important love of my fans who beliefs in me.
-I've got a present about tennis it's self and i would like to know how you got used to play with an audience without being distracted by them?? I mean if they make noise it's annoying if you want to concentrate on the match. What did you do to get used to that?
- When I m playing the match. I just trying to enjoy it and it helps me concentrate more on my match. And when people see it. It helps me a lot
- how would JCF describe himself?
- I m very friendly person. Who really likes his job. Also I m very friendly and always I believe in myself
- what is the most important thing in life for him?
- Of course. My family, have a good life, be happy and try to do my best
-how did the idea of opening a tennis academy come to Ferrero's mind?why did he decide to open a hotel too?
-Its not me. its My coach Toni. it was his idea. It should be one hotel here. Where my friends, players or other people can stay for rest,to spend a really good time.
-It may be hard to answer because of a abstract question, I guess. JC, how do you think about existence of fans? What is the raison d'etre of fans for you? I (we fans) want to be always with you. If we can make you happy, we also be happy.
-The fans are really important without them its really bad find condition. Thank u everybody.
-what questions would JCF like people to ask him?kriti
-More questions about my tennis life. Not personal
- Hola Juan CarlosI just want to say that you've been my fave player for 4 years now, and you made me so happy at this year's Australian Open, but I'd like to ask you this. When you walk onto the court, especially in somewhere that isn't Spain, do you try to find where your fans are sitting and look to them for support, for example people with the spanish flag? Thanks for being the nicest player ever and I'll see you at next year's Australian Open
- Yeah I feel when my fans on the court. They are making me continue fight. I start to believe in myself that I can do it. Thanks a lot
-Hey Juan Carlos.I saw you this week at the Ordina Open, It was great! But what do you think of al your fans, who wants to make pictures of you and always get around you? Do you enjoy that? Or do you think it's annoying? And presents you get from fans, what do you do with that? Throw it away, or will you keep it? I had a great time at the Ordina Open, thanks for that :)I hope I will see you again and I hope you can answer my questions. You'll always be the best player for me and I believe you can win tournaments again!!Thanks! Kim
-I like my fans . I like that they are every time with me. When I had injured you always be with me. Thanks a lot for this. I will try my best in a future. And I really have so many presents of you.
- Hola, Juanca! Can you please tell me the precise time you've borned? Included hour and minute.
- Hey lol I really don’t remember I have to ask my father about this.
- My question to the players of the academy is: Why did you chose this academy and do you have to offer many things for tennis? I mean do you still like your life with less spare time. Your always training doesn't that bore you at one point?
- Yeap I think I will ask on this question. That’s really nice question. Yeah its true. We like this life . Life is so short and u have to try everything how u r on the court and outside. But like me and other players we are happy with it .