Nov 27, 2006

If you only ever give 90% in training then you will only ever give 90% when it matters

Hey everybody….. I m still here with you. Today I just would like to write alittle about things in our academy. First of all, today JC Ferrero has started to work on his tennis and physics. I think he will show everything next year. Maybe he will be in top 10, who knows???? And Think about questions for JC Ferrero, u have so many days to think, but be active. Garcia Lopez works hard everyday. I think next year he will higher his ranking.
Its coming the New Year and Christmas. In December its going to be one party here. I m going to take more photos about that day and tell u what is going on there. Its very peaceful life here at the moment, everybody practices, enjoys physical training=)(which is so hard, but we give 100%!!!!) and is having fun.
Ok, guys, cya and goodluck. Every time keep your head up!!!

Nov 23, 2006

The Wind is nothing for us!

Hello from academy!!! Today in windy Spain I'd love to write about just some things. In our academy everything is the same: life goes on here. A lot of people are tired so much. But we still continue to do our physical training and tennis. But its so difficult to run if u don’t feel your legs. If Federer did the same he is the hero!!!!
Wind is so strong here now. I think for wind surfing academy is perfect. But I have not seen any in my life. But for tennis is perfect, too, when you hit the ball out of the academy, and... its coming back to the court:)) Juan Carlos came back from holidays from Brazil some days ago. I think it was good. Sorry that I did not write blog yesterday, because my fingers were frozen after that cold wind, when u hold your racket 1 hour 30 min, u don’t feel it. And it is so funny when u come into the gym and all guys "why we chose tennis???????? Why not bowling or billiard??" Yeah, guys, it is just tennis love and very positive.
Ok guys thank you. Respect. BYE

Nov 20, 2006

The vision of a champion is someone who is bent over, drenched in sweat, at the point of exhaustion when no one else is watching!

Hey everybody!!!
Today is a new Monday. To be honest, it was such a difficult day. Strong physical training!!!! We’ve just done so many things. I think with that physical training we can be №1. Today was the running day, sprints- in the morning and in the afternoon 30 min fast sprints in the gym. We have that physical training from November till January, something like this. But some days we ran big distances to the mountains and come back with fast sprints. And we do test of our pulses before and during our running. Yeah, sport life is so difficult, but interesting. Later I will put some photos of our work. U will see the factory of tennis players =) December is coming. Yeah, the New Year…. we all will have holidays, when everybody will go home to their family. But don’t forget about one tournament “Davis Cup RUSSIA VS ARGENTINA”. I am waiting for this great final. Come on Russia!!!
Thank u, that u r reading our blog. Big respect from me and our academy. Like everytime with u, me, blogmaker Kirill.

Nov 17, 2006

A champion is someone who gets up, even when he can't!!!

Hey everybody!!!
Its getting colder in Spain, but I' m from Russia, cold is nothing for me, so I'm still with u, guys!!! Today early in the morning everybody went to watch Championship of Spain. It took 1 30 or 2 hours to get to Valencia. It was so difficult, I was just sitting and listening IPOD. When we arrived, it was so windy and cold. The first match, which we started to watch, was Garcia vs Navarro. Our player made so many mistakes. Garcia lost in this match because he had problems with his eyes. He did operation on his eyes, so he needed time to recover. After match he told that after 30 min he could not see anything at all. We started to watch other matches. I saw some players from top 100 ATP, for example, Ramiraz Hidalgo, Almagro, David Ferrer and etc. We watched some matches of our players.(Burniol and Jose de Luna used to practice in our academy). Jose won his macth vs 35 years old guy. But it was pretty difficult. I did not see Burniol's match, but guys told me that he won. Other matches were pretty nice. Players just passed the ball in point 20 times maybe more. Around 3 o' clock we came back to our academy. Just to finish our practice, It was a great day, it is good when we have a chance to go on tournaments, not as a player, just to watch matches and look at our tennis from another side.
Thanks and CYA!!!

Nov 16, 2006

Let the world know our players!! interview with CONNOR!!!

- Hey, Connor!!! How r u? From the last week it is so pretty difficult physical training, yea? Today it was the amazing match Blake vs Davydenko, yea?
- Yeah, I had a good holiday…. I played 3 or four hours every day but I didn’t do any physical work, yeah, the training here is pretty tough and intense especially fart. Let’s talk about the match, well I thought that if Blake played his best tennis, he would win, it depended on his level because Davydenko is such a consistent player and if you don’t produce something special he will grind you down.
- Who’s your idol in top 8 ? What player do u prefer to win?
-Well, I guess, that this is an easy question probably for everyone in the academy, it has to be FEDERER, no denying that he is the best player at the moment!
- I heard that u r leaving us…
-Yes, I’m going to America. I have to go back to my country to sort a visa and passport out and then I will be in Florida in January, I’m leaving the academy around the 26/27 of November.
- And your plans in future?
-Once I have got into a rhythm in America, I will start to play some tournaments there, and hopefully get my first ATP points.
- Ok tell us about yourself.
-Ok, My name is Connor Ishtvan Schelling-Tisza…I am 16 years old 6ft 2 I have two brothers. I was born in Switzerland, and live in Northern Ireland.
- When did you start to play tennis? And why?
-I started playing tennis when I was 10 but this was not properly, only at my school, then when I was twelve I had my first tennis lesson and really liked it, I wanted to get the lesson so I could beat my friend, I picked it up quickly and couldn’t put the racket down!
- What does tennis mean for u?
-It’s my life and the most important thing, except family!
-Tell us how did u get at this academy? How long have u been here? What do u think about academy?
-I finished school and got all top marks so my parents said that they would let me try tennis and if I don’t succeed I can always go back to study, it’s a great academy and I’ve made a lot of friends here who I will definitely keep in touch with, we train hard and still have fun!
- The year nearly finishes, what do u think about this year? Your results? Did you play any tournaments??
-I’ve had a great time at the academy so far, I think some of the guys have had some great results like Tommy and James, but I haven’t yet played a futures in Spain so, no results, I played on national tournament and lost in the second round of qualifying
-And the last thing what I would like to ask u, your Tennis Tips for guys who read our blog or If u want u can leave your message for JC Ferrero.
-Tips… just work as hard as you can day in day out and you will succeed, strong mind and strong body, keep dreaming …. And just a message for Ferrero, if times are tough just remember what you did in the past to succeed! AND KEEP SMILING!
-Thanx and goodluck!!!

Nov 13, 2006

It does not take talent to win...just blood, sweat, heart, tears, time, and a good coach.

Hi!!!!!!!!! It’s me again.
First of all, I’d like to say that yesterday Masters of Shangai started. Federer vs Nalbandian and Roddick bit Ljubicic won as usual. Today all Spanish players lost 1st round Nadal vs Blake and Tommy lost against Davydenko. All our academy thinks and talks about this tournament. Everybody thinks Federer and Blake are going to show the best matches in other days.
Here everything is the same. We’ve just started to run to the mountains, lots of physical exercises.
I know that lots of JC Ferrero’s fans read the blog, so till the 15 of December you can leave questions in comments here for Juan Carlos. And he will answer in the interview in December!!!
Ok guys, thanks and goodluck!!!

Nov 9, 2006

You and your opponent want the same thing. The only thing that matters is who works the hardest for it.

Hey everybody!!!

All tournaments finished, everybody just works in the gym and plays tennis. U know that in Madrid has started "Masters of WTA". Yesterday all girls from our academy went to watch Maria Sharapova. We went to get experience last time, now it was their turn. Maria showed everyone that she is ready to show her best tennis and prove the title. She won her matches. Respect, Maria! They said it was amazing. I think she will play in final. They've changed the court of the stadium now (I don’t know why???) its green.
Next week the tournament in Shangai will start. I wish, it is going to be interesting. Oh, u see, the both tournaments are good examples of “Round Robin” in practice.
The last thing -about food! We eat special food here =) Spagetti, paela, rice, chicken nad,meat etc. But we can't eat lots of sweets and drink cola, just juice:) Sure, the academy cant be sponsorized by McDonald's! That wouldn't be good for us!!! Just a proper food for superplayers!!!
Ok guys, more news later.

Nov 7, 2006

Football match "Murcia Club vs Our Academy"!!!

Hey, everybody!!!
Yesterday was a very interesting day. Players from club in Murcia have come to our academy to play a football match (so strange yea? in tennis academy). I saw some good players, who tried to get first ATP points, and their main player was Almagro. Our team was coaches, Ferrero and Garcia Lopez, and one more player,(who'd practiced here,when he was 17- 18. Who was it??? )David Ferrer…. I did not see the whole match because I had tennis, But it was really good. In final our academy won 8- 5. Everybody was so happy. I want to say one thing, Almagro is very crazy guy. He swears amazing!! That’s all guys. You’re the best!!! Thanks for your comments.

Nov 5, 2006

Weekend in the fog!!!

Hi, everybody!!!
Of course I’ m going to continue my blog during our break because it’s me! If I’ve created it, I’ m going to do it till all bottons on my computer will be broken.
I forgot to tell you the whole story about jokes with guys and JC Ferrero’s house. Well, they started to push the botton of the ring near the gates of Ferrero’s house. And Toni was with JC. And he warned if they pushed the botton again, they would have problems. No way, push, push… Toni was coming himself. Guys ran away to their rooms. But that was no use, the coach of Juan Carlos knows everything!!! Toni with his army of coaches had come and started to knock at the doors: “We know, It was u!!! OPEN THE DOOR!!! - No I don’t want to open. –Ok, if u don’t, tomorrow u are going to run 2 hours, 3 hours ….. – OK, OK, I WILL OPEN (3 hours is quite enough). That night they started to run around the swimming pool!
Yesterday was cloudy. Samuel told us: "Ok, guys, we are going to the mountains!!!" I was thinking, oh my god, we were going to run!!!!!!! Oh my god!!!! But it was kind of relaxation - walking. It was a very long walk. On the top of the mountain we started to scream, something like that: I’ M GOD OF THE MOUNTAIN and etc In final when we came back to our cars, we noticed that we'd lost 1 coach with 2 teenagers. And we started to swear, where Lucho (coach) was and how it was possible to lose the way, when we were walking back all together. It took 30 minutes to find them and hopefully we went back to our academy.
Ok, guys, now we know, who is going to the Shaigai: Federer, Blake, Nadal, Robredo, Nalbandian, Ljubicic, Davydenko, Roddick. Everybody was thinking, Robredo would never go!!! But u see, he is in top 8. Tennis is a strange thing. Now the most interesting is who will be in finall: Federer and Nadal??? Or it will be another players???

Have a nice week!
Hope, you had a lovely weekend!!!

Nov 3, 2006

Let the world know our players!! interview with ANTOINE!!!

- Hey Antoine!!! How r u? It’s such a bad weather today!
- Not like in Russia yeah?
- Ok let’s start interview. Tell us about yourself a little.
- Ok, My name is Antoine. I am 16. I was born in Belgium, and live in Belgium.
- When did you start to play tennis?
- I started tennis when I was 8 years old
- Why tennis? (no hockey, golf, swimming)
- because I like tennis and I love it very much.
- What does tennis mean for u?
- My life
- Describe your tennis, please!
- In this academy I progress a lot in my style of tennis. I started to put more inside. I changed my technical. And now on the court I feel so much better. I hope I will be continuing like this.
-Tell us, how did u get to this academy? How long have u been here? What do you think about the academy? What did the academy give to you?
-I went here in summer stage last year. And it was so good. Because I had good tennis training and physic and this academy is so serious. I m here 10 month. Everything is good yeah I m so happy. Academy gave me enjoy.
- If you have a chance to change anything at the academy, what would it be??
-The food and I want room bigger. And play more tennis.
- Call me, 1 thing which you like most of all at the academy
-I like so much my coach. And now we are good friends. Tennis training with him its perfect.
- The year is nearly over, what do you think about this year? Your results? Did you play any tournaments??
-I didn’t play so much tournament because I was so injured. And I changed my racket. I played some tournaments and my result was ok.
- Tell us your plan for the next year, if it’s not a secret!!!
- I hope to play a lot of futures. To improve my lvl. To me and everybody and get ATP points
- How do you spend your free time here? Any hobby? (except tennis, of course)
- When I have chance I go with my friends to the city. For watch movie and etc
-Have u got any life quote?
-I m dreaming and I m going be professional
-And the last thing what I would like to ask u, your Tennis Tips for guys who read our blog
-Work a lot and respect your dreams.
- Thanks!!!

Nov 1, 2006

We r not robbots, we need a rest, too!!!

Hey, again!!
Hmm, we don’t have so many news. All tournaments have finished at last, winter is coming. Half of the players have holidays. But they still play tennis for fun. For example, 2 players (Alen and Goran) were playing the match. The Loser will pay for dinner. Well done, Alen! He has just won free dinner:)). Its so cold today! JC Ferrero , coaches and other players played football. In final, we have a lot of tired people and alittle injured. Football is very popular here, no matter if players watch it or play!!! Its alittle bit football academy, dont u think so???=)

In Masters of France so many players from top 10 don’t play.I think, they took alittle break for Shangai. Looking at our poll resolts, u think that Tommy Robredo will not enter in to the draw of Shangai. Well, who knows:)) Matkowski and Fyrstenberg doubles players, who practice in our academy time to time, they are showing a good result in Masters of France.
Today I need a rest, too. Ps2 is waiting for me. No football, just only tennis:))))
Thanks for your comments
Goodluck guys