Jun 3, 2013

Soccer + tennis camp in August 2013

Good news! WE created more programs for you in August! If you both love tennis and soccer, from now you can sign in for our new program TENNIS + SOCCER. You will train 3 hours tennis and 3 hours soccer every day! 

SIGN IN NOW equelite@gmail.com

One day in the Tennis + Soccer Summer Camp
At the arrival to the Academy all the players will have information available to find out some help during their first moments in the Academy.

Timetable for a weekly program:
- 8.00: wake up and breakfast

- 9.15: tennis

- 11.00: rest

- 11.30: soccer

- 13.15: rest - shower - swimming pool

- 14.00: lunch & free time

- 16.00: tennis

- 17.15: rest

- 17.45: soccer

- 19.00: end of the trainings

- 20.00: dinner

- 20.45: recreational activities

- 23.00: sleep

Security personel
The Summer Camp is programmed in order to avoid the players to be alone. This means that, since they wake-up & have breakfast, where one of the coaches will be in charge of taking care of them, meals control, swimming pool, free time, etc. will be supervised by the Equelite Summer Camp team to offer, always, the best safety for all the players.

Weekly exceptions
In a weekly program we can find all the following activities which are not considered in the schedule above.

1. Check-in day: all the players are called to come before lunch on Sunday, to have time enough to run several recreational activities to make all of them to know each other. During the rest of the day, all this activities will continue taking place.

2. Monday morning: during the tennis and soccer seasons, all the players will be checked in order to make the most homogeneous groups possible and start the trainings according to the level of all the players on Monday evening.

3. Wednesday: during Wednesday, the whole group will be driven to Villarreal, to spend one full day next to the players of Villarreal C.F., in their Sport City and El Madrigal, their stadium.

4. Check-out day: coaches will meet the parents of every player to explain them the results of the kid during the week. 

Jun 2, 2013

Would you like to enjoy of a dinner with Juan Carlos Ferrero in his homage for the 10th Anniversary of his triumph in Roland Garrós?

Design a commemorative poster of his victory in Paris and the best one will have dinner with the former World No.1.

Next June 8th will take place the 10th Anniversary of his triumph in Roland Garrós against the Dutch Martin Verkerk by 6-1, 6-3, 6-2. It was a final where Juan Carlos overcame his rival all the time and got his unique and precious Grand Slam title thanks to the strength of his service and skill at long points. Along his path till the final Juan Carlos Ferrero defeated such great players as Albert Costa in semifinal or Fernando González in a hard quarter-final match that was decided on the fifth set. Mantilla, Henman, Massú and Kratochvil complete the players draw that Ferrero had to pass to reach the glory.
For this reason, from JCFerrero-Equelite we´d like to tribute to the great champion Juan Carlos, and we encourage you to give your own tribute making a commemorative poster of this 10th Anniversary that you will send to the address promo@equelite.com before the next June 4th at 12:00. The author of the best poster, chosen by a tribunal formed by JCFerrero-Equelite staff, will win an invitation for him and a partner to the homage dinner that will be made for Juan Carlos on June 7th at JCFerrero-Equelite at 21:00 hours, and will be able to know Juan Carlos and give him the poster in person.
Don´t hesitate on taking part and having the chance to live this historical moment in one of the best Spanish tennis players´life. Good luck for all the participants!