Dec 22, 2006

Merry Christmas!!!

Dear Friends!

The year nearly finishes, and soon all your academy will go on holidays and will celebrate Christmas and New Year at home with their family and friends. We all will have a good rest and come back fresh and ready to work more hard the next year.
The year was good to all of us. Our academy work a lot, we went on tournaments, got experience, worked in gym a lot, had a running season, watched some masters alive, supported our players, had lovely Christmas dinner. The most important thing is that we play tennis. We worked so hard!!! And we had fan! We cann't imagine our life without tennis. Its part of us, the love/hate relationship. Its what we live for. We live for the practices, parties, cheers, long bus rides, invitationals, countless pairs of different types of shoes, water, rackets, & coaches you hate but appreciate. We live for the way it feels when we beat the other players, and knowing those two extra sprints we ran in practice were worth it. We live for the way we become a family with our academy, we live for the countless songs we sing in our head while training all those hours. We live for the competition, we live for the friends, fans, the practices, the memories, the pain, its who we are. It's who we are.
Ok guys, we are going on holidays. See u next year.Best wishes to everybody, next year will be more difficult, more exiting, more interesting for us and top 100 atp players. Best wishes for them, for JC Ferrero and Garcia Lopez. Watch tennis, enjoy your life!!!!
Merry Christmas Everyone and happy New Year!!!!!

P.S. Thanks, Samuel, for that lovely idea with the blog!!!!!
Best Wishes,
Your Kirill.

Dec 21, 2006

Your interview with JC Ferrero!!!

I didn’t forget about the questions for Juan Carlos! Thanks a lot for all questions, there were nice and lots. It was great to know that u look after Juan Carlos’s life and have questions for him. I have chosen the most interesting one and most of them I put together. Hopefully, you will enjoy the interview and Juan Carlos will be more close to u now. Thanks!!!
About tennis:
Laurie: How do you prepare yourself mentally before a game? i do have an other question which looks a little bit like the first one about the mental part of tennis. most of the time i lose my own tennis matches not because the opponent is to strong but that i make mentally a mistake. Do you have an advise for me to become mentally stronger?
JC: I think about my game, what me and my coach think I should do, and do my routines such as: checking the grips of my rackets, the strings, my drinks etc. basic stuff.
Watch many games and try to learn more of the game. Give 100% every training session. Soon you will be able to pass it on to the competition. Keep working.
Friend: what happened with your head fxp racket? why did you change it?
JC: I changed because I feel more comfortable with this one.
Maïlys: What is the tournament you'd like to win now ?
JC: I feel strong for Australia. Let’s see what happens.
Bea: This year your change all your ‘staff technique’ ( I see it at Roland Garros) Can you describe new persons with you and your work with them? And what’s the difference between them and Antonio and the others?
JC: Jose Perlas (coach), Javier Capitaine (physical), and Toni, that has a very important roll in my career. We know Perlas for a long time and we have followed his work, and because Toni needed more time for him and for his business, we decided to invite him to help me. Its working fine!
Bea: You are a great player, you have a great palmares ( Grand Slam, 11 titles, many great match ( against Gonzalez at Roland Garros, final in masters, against agassi in Us Open, against Nadal and Blake this year) you are the only spanish player to win two Coupe Davis !!! ) so you are 26 years until 12/02/07 , and now, :has the tennis the same importance for you as before in your life? how see you your future in the tennis ? All the best for 2007 tennis and life !!!
JC: Yes, it has the same importance as before. I still have a lot of ambition and goals to achieve. My future, I will continue working hard, try to improve my game and hopefully win more tournaments. Thank you.
About life:
Ernsta: When do you plan to marry? There is hearsay said that you are going to be a father, is that true?
JC: No, its not true, right now I am focused on my career.
Ernsta: When you were at school, which subject do you like best and which subject are you good at? What kinds of books do you like? What kinds of video games do you like? City and village which do you like to live in?
JC: I did not like math, but I was pretty good at the other subjects. I like football games, cars and motorbikes. Right now its in the academy where I have all conditions to achieve my goals.
Christy: What do you plan to do after you retire? Best of luck for 2007!
JC: Thanks. Dedicate more time to my business: Hotel, Academy and other.
About Fans:
Caroline: Well, as I'm a huge fan of Juanqui, just wanted to tell that he GOTTA know his true fans are still here and we'll never give up beeing behind him, I think he can come back again on the top, he just need to be more confident and trust in his abilities !!!!! What would you say to fans who are trusting you, and to these who are worry about your career??
JC: I would like to thank their support that has been amazing. I am confident that I will be back on top soon and I am counting with their support. They truly have a great part on my life. They have supported me in my good moments and in my not so good moments, and that I cannot forget.
Juanqui Lover: Do you pay attention to your supporters in the crowd while you are playing a match? Do you try to block them out, or do they help to motivate you to win the match?
JC: I try to block them out. Its hard sometimes but I normally manage. I have to be 100% focused to win. There have been some matches that the fans have carried me in such way that I managed to pull it off. Thank to them for that.
Ernsta: It's not a question. Wish your best luck and I will support you forever. Hope that you are happy everyday!
Rom: I do not really have question but just wish u the best for 2007! Good luck : you can definitly come back where you belong!
Sydia: actually, i haven't too many questions, for I trust in you, trust you can find your own way to new level. what i want to say is I will wait for you in 2007 china open beijing, and further 2007 masters cup in shanghai. indeed you've done a good job in 2005 china open.All of your fans and i would like to see king's comeback, and you can.just enjoy life, enjoy tennis, don't make promise, and all of us know you have your promise in your heart. good luck and happy new year, all of you guys, best wishes from china!!!
JC: You have all been so nice to me. I will do my best.

Dec 17, 2006

Christmas dinner - part2

Our academy! Hi Guys!
Mariusz Fyrstenberg (doubles top 8) on the top with his speech!

Dec 16, 2006

Christmas dinner in photos-part 1

The best coach of the year 2006!
Who will be that lucky 20 people? SPEECH!SPEECH!
Our Father of the Academy -Toni!

Dec 14, 2006

Christmas Dinner!!!

Last night we had the Christmas dinner!!!!! Want to know more???Yesterday at 20 30 we went to the restaurant in Villena to have dinner. We did not stay at the academy because it was no fair that people from our restaurant could not have fun with us. So we all had fun!!! Yeah, it was great everybody looked good, new players started to learn their speech in Spanish for the dinner. Ok......... we came to this restaurant where it was near 110 people of our academy(players, coaches and friends): Juan Carlos, Garcia Lopez, Fyrstenberg, Matkowski,(polish double players top 8 in the world), Marta Domachowska( top 100 WTA ) ….. Yeah good dinner with great players. When we’d finished our meal, Samuel and Juan Carlos started ‘Tennis award 2006:
1.The best profession tennis player ( i think its like this heheh) -Tomislav Peric.
2. Player Of the Year (boys)- Alen.
3. The best player (girls) -Titta.
4. The most improved tennis player of the year -Kirill (its me hehehe )
5. The coach of the year – Israel.
SPEECH, the dinner is nothing without good speech. Who was talking? 20 lucky people: New players (they were afraid to do it the first time. You should have seen their shaken hands, papers with speech, they asked all the time when??? me??? And happy faces when they they told all the academy THANKS!!! The first time is always like this.) coaches, old players, friends….. It was pretty funny.... Garcia and Israel were leaders. All speeches were great!!! Great to have fun together after the long hard year. This year was good for all of us! Thanks for the great dinner!!!

Best wishes.

Dec 3, 2006

Funny weekend with bulls!!


Sorry I did not write our blog for along time. But I'm still with u, guys. And I'd like to write about something what happened here. December started and this weekend Juan Carlos Ferrero with guys went to...hmmmmmmm ...corrida I think, but people have fun with bulls. Its such a dangerous trip, when u haveto run 3 hours and be ready to meet with a bull. If u don’t know what a bull looks like I will explain to u ….A Bull is a big strong cow with horns and what I heard from guys, they are so clever. They know who JC Ferrero is, I think, firstly,they get object , wait and try to destroy. U see on these photos how JC with our players climbed on the door out of this bull. The Bull was tring to get them but no way, hopefully. Yeah, be with us, its so exciting in the academy.
And I more news: RUSSIA WON DAVIS CUP. ДАВАЙ РОССИЯ. Good year for Russia!!!
That’s all guys, I wish u goodluck and cya next week.