Oct 30, 2006

Robin round??? Hmmm, good chance to win tournaments!!!

Hey guys!!!
Today is an amazing day for Blog. Yesterday some people asked me about new rules called “Round Robin”. Today I’ve talked to JC Ferrero, Samuel Lopez (technical director) and our commercial director about it.
Let’s start from the beginning, what it is Round Robin??? Round robin—where players are placed into groups or pools, and the top player in each group then moves on to the knockout phase of the tournament—increases spectators’ chances of seeing their favorite stars, as one loss in a round-robin pool does not automatically eliminate a player, and also improves scheduling for broadcasters and tournament promotion. Round robin has been a staple of the Tennis Masters Cup circuit finale and ARAG ATP World Team Championship but not utilized at any other ATP tournament. The 13 tournaments chosen subject to final approval by the ATP will be held on different surfaces in different countries throughout the 2007 season, starting the first week in Adelaide, Australia.

Yeah, its from atp news. I see they chose 13 tournaments. Yesterday when we talked over it, we were thinking alittle....well, its good idea for the public and players, because u have got a chance; Chance to win!!! But maximum draw can be a 48-player round robin draw consisting of 16 groups of 3 players. What will be if all 3 players got 1 point? So, in this situation they will look how many sets and games everybody played, the most easy one- NEXT ROUND!!!
OK, today I was talking to JC Ferrero. He said: “For public, it’s very good because they can watch their favorite tennis players. And for Federer, it’s amazing because for him its perfect. After these rules nobody will bit him in first rounds.” What people think in our academy about it…For example, people bought tickets to watch Safin. And he is losing in first round, so after these rules he can play again and for public it’s perfect. Samuel told me: “Its good for new players. Now everybody has got BIG CHANCE to win”. I think, its good, too. Later, I'm sure, this Robin round will be improved. Every player in this academy thinks the same. But it’s more difficult because have a look, u get the wild card and u r in the group with Federer and Roddick on crass=).

Today was a good hot day in Spain, JC Ferrero and Garcia Lopez played ps2 Pro evolution soccer with other players. Here is one photo.
Ok guys, thax and goodluck!!!!

Oct 27, 2006

Our Day!!!

Hey guys!!!
I guess, u need to know more about our day, not to think that our life is so easy here.

Everyday (except Sunday) we get up 8:30, but some kids who cant wake up so early, open their eyes at 9:30 a.m. Then we go to have breakfast. But we have to go to school (half in the morning- half in the evening). So my classes are in the morning. I usually get up at 8: 20 a.m. After classes, we have tennis or physical training. Some people, who have no classes in the morning, run at 10 a.m., just to warm up.

10:00 a.m.WORK HARD!!!
Yeah, our life is busy from the morning till night. After all, we have physical training with our coach (Dario) or we play tennis with your coaches and groups. During the morning physical training, we do coordination. For example, exercises…well, tennis balls and rackets- we need to run as faster as we can to do good stroke with good coordination. Or Running!!!! Ohhhhhhhh, its so difficult. I remember last year we ran the big distance with sprints far a way from the academy to the mountains. We do so many different exercises on the court and out. As for tennis, we always play basket at the morning or do exercises with our partners. We practise on hard, clay or grass courts, depends on tournaments. Between physical training and tennis we have a break, where we can have a snack before to go to “the war”.

2:00 p.m. LUNCH TIME
Have finished? So, we can go to our rooms, take a shower, have lunch and just relax. At our academy food is GREAT. Hmm, what about our rooms…. We have internet (its not so fast but its ok), TV and one bed… But most players put posters, bring ps2 and other many things to make their room more comfortable. U see, we live here more then 1 week or month. We have just single rooms (house), but there are double rooms, as well.

4:00-4:30 p.m. WORK HARDER!!!
We have tennis and physical training. Physical training is in the gym. Sometimes we play football matches. Juan Carlos Ferrero loves football so much, like Garcia Lopez. Players vs Coaches. It looks pretty interesting how the ball without control goes outtttttt. Run, Ball, Run!!! Ok, continue our day. After physical we have tennis where we are playing points.

08:00 p.m. DINNER!!!!!
Shower, dinner and rest!!! Some people spend evenings in our TV room, watching movies or they use internet, for example, Toni (the coach of JC Ferrero) plays paddle with players. It looks good. Toni is a big fan of this sport, I think. What about me, at the moment I am in my room and writing my blog.

11-00p.m. LIGHTS OUT


Oct 25, 2006

Pain is only temporary but victory is forever.

Hey everybody !!!
Today was a good sunny day. Everybody is waiting for tomorrow. I think all tennis fans know why? Because Garcia Lopez is going to play vs Roger Federer. Today I talked to Samuel Lopez, and he told that Garcia got alittle ingured with his wrist. But we hope, that the match is going to be good. Juan Carlos Ferrero took a rest. He will not play tennis, I think, until January, because he did not take a big rest during this year, and he will try to find his best tennis after these holidays.
That’s all. And I would like to say: Coaches, I'm sorry, that I don’t write so much about WTA tennis:))) I will try to write more and look results of the girls.
Ok, see you tomorrow.
Have a nice Day!!!
P.S. Have u seen our poll??? Vote??? Great!!! Thanx:))))

Oct 23, 2006

Just Monday!!!!

Hey everybody!!!! I'm still here with u, guys.
First of all I'd like to say…..Masters serias Madrid has finished. Roger Federer won the tournament. Yeah this guy is the legend. This tournament was perfect, but it was 1 big minus- People,who came to watch…. U know, when I watched, for example, Juan Carlos, one guy from V I P started to swear at Ferrero. I know all people have got their own opinions. Everybody must respect everyone. Ferrero played with a strong guy, but people came to watch tennis, not to humiliate players. When Berdychh won Nadal, it was the same story; in the final match when all people started to scream like: Why u won???? And everybody must understand, that all ATP players are fighters. And the same with girls from WTA.
Ok, about our academy. Here is everything the same. The weather changes everytime. Its getting alittle cooler. All guys, who played futures….Well, somebody did not enter or lost in 1st round of qualy,someone is still fighting. James and Tommy, I think, they are going to play 1 challenger. Goodluck guys. Maybe, u will be in final, who knows????
And i know just only one news from WTA: Maria Sharapova won the tournament in Zurich. Well done Maria! U r the best!!! Goodluck!!!
It was a pretty funny night, because near 23 oo pm Toni (the coach of Ferrero) sent some of the players to the swimming pool for doing lobs, because they had made a joke near Ferrero's house. Details on Sunday.
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Oct 19, 2006

Masters Madrid

Hey everybody!!!
Today I'm so happy to continue to write our equelite's blog. Yesterday I was in Masters Serias in Madrid. It was great. Ok lets talk about this more.....
Yesterday Juan Carlos Ferrero started his 2nd round match in Madrid. Me, some of my friends and coach went to Madrid by minibus. It took us near 4 hours 40 min to get to Madrid. Anyway, everybody was happy: WE ARE GOING TO MADRID. But in the middle of our trip everybody was tired. And music was rock and techno. Ok, we were in Madrid. But 1 problem we did not know how to get there. The player Bachi, who was with us, lives in Madrid. But he didnot know where this stadium was, it was like this: Ok...........Go to the left NONONONO wait Right Right or LEFT? Then We started to ask people:" Excuse us. Do u know where "Masters Serias" is??? People looked like....What r u talking about??? And I said to guys better ask them where Roger Federer was. BUT we found the stadium. We went inside and got to the match Andy Murray and Ivan Ljubicic. This Match was pretty interesting. Murray has not got the big power or huge serve. He plays more tactical and arranges his game. Andy doesnot give 1 rhythm. Everytime he changes his game. His coach is Gilbert. I read his many books, when he was in pro-tennis, he played tennis with the same style like Murray. What about Ivan Ljubicic... He has huge serve and good strokes. But when I watched this match from the stadium, I found that he played with more mistakes. But Murray was amazing. In Final 3rd set Andy Murray won.
Then me and my friend Maxim went to watch warm(ing)-up matches. We saw Rafael Nadal, who played with Spadea. People was so crazy because when Rafael Nadal finished the training, all people started to attack him: PLEASE RAFA GIVE ME JUST 1 AUTOGRAPH!!! Nadal was very intelligent, he gave as much autograph as he could, and he ran away. After we watched other courts, where Jarkko Nieminen, Max Mirny, Marat Safin with his coach played. And after I took 1 photo with Spadea.
Then we went to the court number 1 to watch Gasquet and Djokovic. It was very interesting match. The French player played very good but Djokovic attacked more and did not make so many mistakes. Final score in 3rd set 61 .
The match has started which we were waiting for. It was Juan Carlos Ferrero vs Robin Soderling.I remember some years ago, when I saw Robin, for me he played very interesting tennis. It was Kremlin cup. Soderling was just running and he passed so many balls. His serve was not so strong like right now. I said, Robin Soderling would be a good player. Nobody believed me. And now look at him, he was in semifinal of Stockolm... When I started to watch this match, Ferrero had just defended and Soderling attacked like the beast!!! His serve was amazing, Ferrero put so many balls in the middle. Robin just attacked. We were screaming: COME ON FERRERO!!! But Ferrero lost in second set. Ferrero was good!!
Now for all players its difficult to play, everytime the level of tennis is getting higher.


Oct 17, 2006

Winners don't wait for chances, they take them

Hey everybody!!!

Today I continue to write my blog. Thanks everybody for comments. I am going to do everything to improve my blog. This week some people from our academy are going to the futures. Goodluck guys.

Ok, like everytime lets start news from Tennis world.

News From ATP: In Madrid the tournament "Masters Serias" has just started . Last year Rafael Nadal won this tournament. But this year maybe it will be another champion...............Who knows???

A little bit history. It was only three years ago, in October of 2002, when for the first time in Spain one of the largest tournaments of the ATP international circuit was celebrated. The Rockódromo became the Central Court of the eighth ATP Masters Series of the season.

I remember Juan Carlos Ferrero, Andre Agassi, Marat Safin and other many players showed this world so many amazing matches. I think for all players of this tournament is very important to be in final of the year.

2 players from our academy are playing this tournament. One of them, Garcia Lopez, he lost in qualy. Next year I think Garcia will show good result. Tomorrow Juan Carlos is going to play with Soderling. Come on Juan Carlos!!! We believe in you!!!!

News from WTA: To be honest, I have not got any news from WTA tournaments. I know that Maria Sharapova will come to our academy to practise before tournament in Madrid.

Here all players are working hard. They are going to play very good tournaments like: National, Futures, Challengers and ATP tournaments. I wish goodluck!!!

I wanna say THANKS to forum www.talkabouttennis.com for big help and support. Thanks to my academy for giving me this idea.Thanks Guys, that you are reading it. Respect and goodluck. You are the best!!!

Oct 15, 2006

Wake up!!! My blog is commmming!!!!

Hey everybody!!!
Nice to continue to create the blog again. Today is such a sunny day in spain. Everybody is resting, they play computer, listen to music. And me........ i m writing the equelite's blog. Ok guys. Let's start!!!
A little bit news from ATP: Yesterday in semifinal James Ward and Tommy Peric lost. But I'd like to say 1 thing: "Guys, you are the best, continue like this! James is the amazing fighter.He passed the qualy and came to the semifinal. Tommy, your serve is strong as usual. Continue to be like that. Ok, guys, goodluck in next future's!!!

Now I'd like to write about our weekend. Its our favourite part of any week. Sunday!! everybody gets up at 11 o clock. Everybody turns on the music. And our academy starts to be like a disco academy. Some kids start to play computer early in the morning. For example, David and Benedikt are on the photo. There are hockey gamers. Near 11 40 they start to play. If u r in my room u can hear:" YEA YEA GOAL COME ON!! DETROIT!!!!"
Yeah, guys, our life is so exciting. Some people are sitting in TV room, they read newspapers, watch
tv or explore internet.
When we are going out, we just have fun! We go to the cinema, supermarkets, eat in restaurants or just enjoy our life.

Thax everyone for everything. Today my friends have put on papers "BLOG US KIRILL". Ok, guys, i will put u in my blog!!! After that photo(which one u can see in the beginning) they jumped in the swimming pool. Conors, Benedict and Nickolas.

Thanks everybody for help, goodluck and have a good week.

Oct 13, 2006

Winning means you're willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else.

Hey everyone!!!Like everytime here with u Kirill,who wants to show our life at this academy. Today I continue to write the blog about us- players.
Thax everybody who writes comments in our blog -equelite.
This day is pretty nice for us because of the tornament Future. 2 players from our academy are in SEMIFINAL!!!
NEWS FROM ATP: James Ward and Tomislav Peric are in semifinal.
James passed the qualy and now in semifinal. And Tommy after 2 win tournaments now is in semifinal. WELL DONE TOMMY!!! Goodluck you, guys!!!

News FROM WTA: Yesterday Marta Domachowska lost her match against Kostanic 1 6 0 6. What about Maria Sharapova....I heard news that she is injured. And she stopped to play Kremlin cup. She got injured on her tennis training.

Ok, thats all.... In our academy everything is ok. Everybody is training, someone breaks rackets. Yeah guys, our life is so exciting!!! Today half of our academy went to Elda to watch cinema, eat in Mcdonalds, have fun. Tomorrow is saturday, from 10 until 2 we are playing tennis then rest. On sunday -BIG DAY, GUYS, because i m going to write the big news with photos, jokes and tournament's score.
Just for u !!!!

Oct 11, 2006

After each game, I want to be able to say: I gave it all I could, I gave it my best

Hey everybody!!! Today i continue to write equlite's blog. I will do everything what I can to do this blog very popular and more interesting. About today and about some interesting things and a little bit about last week. Lets start.....

News from ATP: For our academy today was no such a good day. But our best player lost in 1st round of Vienna. Its Juan Carlos Ferrero. I did not see this match. But I believe he did everything as he could. He showed a good fight. But this day was for Melzer. Score 7 5 6 7 3 6. But Come on Juan Carlos. WE BELIEVE IN YOU!!!

News from WTA.: Today in Kremlin Cup Maria Sharapova won her match against Bychkova 64 75. In Bangkok Marta Domachowska won her match against Viratprasert 6 4 6 0. Hmmmm for girls its good week in tournaments. So easy matches. But interesting to see final of this week.

News from ITF and national tournaments: About ITF tournament. I have just only 1 news. Titta Torro, we wish u good luck! About national is nothing special. 8 people played qualy of tournament named Campeonato de tenis.And 1 boy got WC, Anthony Gomez he lost in 1st round in good fight. And just 2 people passed qualy and lost.
Ok guys goodluck everybody cya

Oct 10, 2006


Hey everyone! Today I start the blog of academy equelite!!! Every saturday or sunday I will write more details about the whole week. OK lets start.....
News from ATP: Tomislav Peric
(http://www.atptennis.com/3/en/players/playerprofiles/?playernumber=P597) won 2 futures tournaments. Come on Tommy!!! Continue like this!!!
Last weekeend our teenagers (James Ward, Artur Romanowski, Benedikt ) played futures!How they played, I will write later.....

Oct 5, 2006

Welcome to our life!!!!

Hi Everybody!

I am Kirill. I live and practice tennis at the Academy in Spain. We decided to create a nice blog about our life here, to let people know, how we live and practice at this academy. I will write about our daily life, news, interesting moments, tournaments, our free time.... You can help me to make this site more interesting. How??? ASK questions, what you would like to know about us!!!You are always welcome!!!!