Feb 28, 2007

Don't practice until you get it right. Practice until you can't get it wrong.

Hey everybody!!!
21:03 Spanish time, hehe, I am writing our blog. I would like to write about our life in this academy: our tennis practice and physical training. Ok let’s go.
You know, tennis is strange thing, when u watch it, u think, what’s so difficult in this sport, just hit the ball. Our physical coach says: Court is so big and u, guys, can’t hit it in the court. Sorry, man, its life. What u see, its wrong, just try it. In our academy and I think in all academies in Spain, we work more on Spanish style. What is the Spanish style, you ask. It’s to run to your forehand side and attack the ball with your forehand. As for Backhand in Spain they work on it just to hit the ball in the court. But its really good school. Anyway, every player has his individual style.
Now in tennis you need the huge physic. We work more on physical to run more on baseline, and we work for to make attack to the net and minimize our running on court as much as possible. Our coordination practice we always do on grass court. (sometimes on hard, on clay, not too often). On grass court its objective of all the players to get the ball. its like if u don’t get our physical coach will not be so happy, heheh. What u r going to do if u break the racket. Throw it to the bin? Our academy doesnot ehehe. Coaches cut just the head of the racket. And we have one interesting exercise. They put balls on sticks. And when u r coming to the ball u must hit with this broken racket to the ball. And ball must pass inside this racket. If donot, u break the stick and a ball will fly to China.
JC Ferrero always does exercises in the gym with his coach (Martial arts, coordination (I saw the last time he did it on clay) and even dancing). To be ready for Wimbledon, he practices on real grass. The Academy makes it for him on football field. Real grass court. Oh, u should have seen players’ faces: NNNNOOOO, grass my favourite grass. How are we going to play football? Last year I remember he played with Tomislav Percia on it. He has really huge serve. Yes, Spain is famous for clay. But we have all type of courts: clay, hard, grass. In the gym we always do exercises with weight and sometimes u can work on your stroke with wood sword like the last samurai, hehe. The most difficult time in physical training starts from September, I think. When u run to the mountains, ohhhh yeah its amazing. And u started to talk to yourself trying to calm down, everything will be ok, everything will be ok.
Do you know that Pedro practiced all his life in the Academy with JC Ferrero, José Ezequiel and Santiago Ventura. He was Ferrero's partner in doubles many times and he with Ferrero won Spanish Championship. He has gone a lot of times to the ATP tournaments with Toni and Ferrero. Soon he will tell us about his experience at the academy. But that is the other story not for today.
Ok guys Respect and see u later.

Feb 24, 2007

Summer Stage is a made dream reality!!!

-Hi Javier. How are you? Glad to see you here. What was the reason to come now, the summer stage has not started yet?
-We have already started to prepare the Summer Stage because many players are going to visit us and though the program is very professional, it is always possible to improve.
-I’d love to remind you that Javier is our Summer Stage Director. Tell us about yourself. Do you play tennis? How long do you work here? What are your duties?
-I came to this place when there were only two clay courts and an old house of field. I passed five years as competition player in this house that little by little was turning into Academy and that today in day is considered as one of the best of the world. Since then, I have not stopped collaborating, specially in the Summer Stage.
-I know, you are a student at the moment, what do you study?
-In the years that I was a player I never left my studies. In the same way as now I am doing Law and make compatible it with my functions in the Academy. Every player should study up to where he could, because in tennis it never known what can happen.
-You know, before to send a child to the summer stage, parents have a lot of questions, the main of them, I would like to ask you. What is the summer stage in JC Ferrero Tennis Academy?
-Summer Stage is a program in vacation period that offers the opportunity of knows the real essence of professional training to players of the whole world and all kinds of levels. In words of a player of the Stage of last year, "it is a made dream reality".
-Is there transportation to and from the airport?
-Yes, of course. The Academy is able to drive anyone to or from Alicante Airport, the Bus Station in Alicante or the Railway Station in Villena from 10 AM to 6 PM. But if the flight or bus doesn’t arrive or depart during the above periods, the Academy send their own taxis.
-How many hours of tennis and physics are there every day?
-Approximately, 4 hours of tennis and 2 of physical, with the option of the particular classes for whom he wishes them.
-Will a child practice in a group or individual? How many kids are in the group?
-These hours that I have said before they are all in group, of there that exist the particular classes. But, there are maximum 4 players for group and court.
-Who will be working with a child?
- Undoubtedly, coaches of first category with years of experience. Besides a team of physical coaches, physiotherapists, etc.
- Will a child be in an appropriate age-level group?
-Always. The first day we do a few tests to know the level of all players. And in the evening groups are already definite.
- How long has staff been there?
-The team is in the habit of changing a bit every year with the aim to be better. But it is going to be the fourth year consecutive by this generation. Some of them have been professional players before.
-Who will look after the child when he/she is outside the court? Can he/she leave the academy alone?
-Group leaders are the persons responsible for players during their free time after practice and until they go to bed. Their duties consist in organizing activities in groups according to the age and tastes of each player. Their mission is to create a happy atmosphere among the players and to ensure that they enjoy themselves.
- How much will a child improve?
-Very much and not only of tennis, he also will improve in physical, nutrition, companionship, culture, etc. And what is more important, he will live the only experience. Seeing to a world number 1 as Ferrero doing the same things that they inside like out of the court, it will motivate them.
-Javier, people started to write and ask me about price and details, but I don’t know anything about it. Can you leave e-mail here for those people who would like to get more info about Summer Stage.
- Sure man, they can write me directly to javierviguera@equelite.com when they any question or any doubt. For me it will be a pleasure.
-Thanks Man.
-Not, thanks to you Kirill for your pledge in speaking on the Academy. For those who don’t know him, he is probably one of the players more fighters in the world, really. And I was lucky to supervise his training in his first Stage.
Kind regards.

Feb 22, 2007

If you train hard, you'll not only be hard, you'll be hard to beat.

Hey everybody!!!
How r u? everything is cool here. You know, today I’d like to write more about our funny but hard moments.
You know, in our academy all people pass doctor’s control in Alicante. But we can go there anytime, all of a sudden when u are in your room, resting after your practice and your coach came to u room: “Tomorrow u go!” Oh, my god. And u will ask yourself: why? Worry? Its just doctor’s control!!! This week I was that person. It was my turn to go. First of all, they were checking your muscles. After when they checked your arms, they wrote lots of papers and compared yours with Rafael Nadal eheh . Their looks said to u, no man u need work alittle bit more! Ok! RUNNING MASHINE. Oh, when they put on u many cables and the mask, U looked like Alien. It looked like 2nd part of Alien vs Predator (if some producers read our blog, u can send your invitation to us to make 2nd part. I will ask some guys.) Ok, u put everything on and u saw on the screen how your heart was working and 1.2.3. RUN. When I started to run, it was so uncomfortable for me to run with all these cables and mask. I breathed like Armstrong when he did first step on the moon. But I was laughing sometimes when I looked on our coach and my 2 friends. They were making bets how long I could run. I was like oooook thanks for good support guys after when I finish we will talk about my price. 7 min… it was not so difficult, but after 9 I was thinking hmmm this machine’s started to run faster. On my back doctors put big rope to support me. I was thinking if I will fall, it will help me or not. It looked more dangerous running with this rope. After 10 min doctors stood near me, I was thinking, great. They were going to catch me. 11. 30 I stopped but some older guys did 12 but its ok. Record was 15 min but that person was not tennis player….. He was a marathoner. After they checked your pulse, if u were still alive or no and sent you back home.

Soon I’m going to put some new things about our academy. And I will put some interviews with Javier, Jose Ezequel and etc. And Javier, don’t forget yeah! U know what I m talking about man. Wait for u!

JC Ferrero is in Argentina now with our doctor. I wish him goodluck and please can u send our doc back, we need him. Thanks. Garcia Lopez is in academy now, he is alittle bit ill. But he practices everyday with his coach with other players.
Ok bye guys!
I have to go, I’m tired today. And tomorrow I need to get up early because I don’t want to pick up leaves again.
Play tennis and enjoy the life.

Feb 18, 2007

Sports are more than just games. they're about life, emotion, passion, and some of the greatest highs and lows we can experience.

Hey everybody!!!

Sunday? Sunday!!! and I continue our blog. Everybody is resting now and getting ready for the next week.
And first of all I would like to write more about nation final. Yesterday at 12 o’clock in the morning I went with some guys to watch final, because our player Goran was in game. It was pretty sunny day, we went with our coach Israel. It took us 40 min to get there. It was pretty tennis club with courts, of course. We had fun with guys. Goran came to the court for warm up and then he started his match against one Spanish guy (sorry, dont ask me to say his name. Don’t know). The Match started, we were working as his support team during the whole match: Come on! Come on! Goran!!..... and final 2nd set and final ball Goran went to the net, drop shot. WIN GAME, SET and MATCH. After this ball Goran screamed MAESTRO hmmmmmmmm I don’t know why?? I will ask him after and then he threw ball out of the court like on Grand slam match. Yeah, I think he practiced this before, because IT was so professional. 6 1 6 2 Congratulation GORAN for so difficult match! And then BIG CUP (in photo) the same size like in US OPEN. So heavy, seriously, you know, we like cups so much. We came back to our favourite and lovely academy with loud music and proud. Thanks Benedict (PAPA 16) ehehe. Salute!!! Man! Photos with me!!!!

My congratulations to JC Ferrero in Brazil. He lost in final but he showed the good fight. Our professional players are coming to the academy. I think, Ferrero is going to ATP of Buenos Aires. I wish him goodluck!!!

Happy Birthday to Jose Ezequel! He is my good friend and the great coach. Thanks him for everything I wish him goodluck. Later I will put the interview with him. Do you know that Jose is really good player before he was 400 in ATP. Jose Ezequel is still our professional tennis player.

And later wait for interview with Javier Viguera. He will tell us more about summer stage. (I had too much questions for him, so I was afraid we could not put them all in comments. he he).

Thanks everybody.
Play tennis, Watch tennis, Enjoy Tennis!

Feb 13, 2007

Happy Birthday, TONI!!!!

Hey everybody!!!!!!!!!
How r u??? Thanks for your wishes to JC Ferrero. I join to them, too. JC Ferrero is in Brazil now and I wish him goodluck and to Garcia Lopez (Garcia is in America). Toni Peric is going to play ATP tournament in America. In our academy so many English kids have just come for one week. Thanks for choosing our academy, But I have one more important thing. I see, all great people were born in February.
Today is Antonio Martinez Cascales birthday!!!!

Your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of 'YOU' to the world!!!!
First of all I would like to say you HUGE thanks that u made this academy(when he decided to open the tennis academy it was just one hand-made court and 1 house. And have a look what we have got now, the greatest academy with pro coaches, all type of courts, houses, swimming-pools, all conditions for every player to work hard and try to get his Star from the sky he he. Its all because of YOU!!!) and helped to JC Ferrero to be the greatest player in the world. Thanks for your hard work and for your help to all of us. You are our Father here.We will try our best!!!
Best wishes to you!!!

Feb 12, 2007

Happy Birthday, Juan Carlos!

Happy Birthday, JUAN CARLOS!!!
All the World is the Huge Birthday Cake, so take a piece, blow your candles and make a wish….If there’s something that your are dreaming of, then may it all come true, because you deserve it all….
All our Best to you! You are our Hero!

Feb 8, 2007

Dont be late!!

Hey everybody!!!
Today I am with u here. JC Ferrero went to play tournaments in Brazil and Argentina yesterday.How I knew about that... ehhehe.... he took our doctor Victor with him. We are without our doc at the moment! But everything is going great in our academy. I think, Ferrero is in good form now and he can show a good result. Everything depends on him, we believe in him. Its so rainy here sometimes. Here, from professional players, Marta just practices and other players: Garcia and Ferrero went to play tournaments. Sometimes Almagro came for practicing with JC Ferrero. It was good and so exciting. Today everybody went to Alicante- shopping, because it was rainy afternoon, and no way to play tennis outside.
It was one funny thing here in academy, I'd like to tell u. Well, I was punished with some guys, because every morning we were late for school. So, for our teacher, that morning was enough, we spent the afternoon collecting tennis balls around the academy, and then alittle bit gardening. It was pretty funny, but after that punishment, we get up at 8 o clock every morning. So be careful in our academy.
And don’t be late!!! HEHEH
Thanks Everybody.

Feb 4, 2007

Summer Stage!!!!

Hey everybody!!!

Today I would like to write about Summer Stage. Summer is coming soon. There are so many people coming on Summer Stage. I remember, when I came to the Summer stage in 2005 it was so funny, It’s a good chance for people to see our academy and maybe you can change your mind to be a tennis player or you would like to go to completion programme (to be with us). I decided to spend my summer in Spain, so I came to the JC Ferrero tennis academy. It was really fun when I arrived at night (2 a.m.) in Alicante airport, I was thinking :”Who is going to meet me? Will they meet me? I was late for 4 hours!!!” When I passed passport control, I saw 2 guys in t-shirts with Equelite JC Ferrero on them. They were like walking advertisement Boarding. It was really funny, I was with THE HUGE baggage (I came for 3 months). And I asked them: Hey guys, can you help me with my bag, but (they spoke English alittle) ….Jesus!!! Then we came to the academy, I was in shock when I saw my room (a small house with 2 beds, TV, wardrobes) It was really cold at night. And I was like, ok, my room is great. And these 2 guys (coaches) said: “You will get your key tomorrow!” I was like: what? Ok, such a funny joke, guys, where is my key? -Tomorrow. Then I went to sleep and somebody was running outside, the door was open…. From Monday I started to practice, it was hot summer. I was so glad when I saw Garcia Lopez, JC Ferrero. And during 3 months I tried to do my best to show my work and my progress, because I wanted to stay at this academy. The academy really show me that tennis is such a great thing, and tennis is my life. But summer was really fun. First, I lived alone, then another guy came to my room. Usually there are 2 guys in 1 room. Oh, I found my timetable (it was in my report)!
08:00 Wake up and breakfast
09:00 Technical training\physical training
10:45 Rest\Sandwich
11:00 Physical training\technical training
12:45 Leisure\rest\ swimming-pool
13:30 Lunch
15:15 Language lesson
16:30 Physical training\technical training
17:30 Rest\afternoon snack
18:00 Technical training\physical training
19:15 Leisure\rest\ swimming-pool
20:30 Dinner
21:00 Extra playtime activities
22:45 Turn off the lights
23:00 Sleep
Every week we did different tests. When you leave, you will get the report with all your tests description and conclusion about your tennis!!! On Saturday we played tournaments to each other. Every Sunday we went somewhere to have fun and to know what Spain looks like. But I didn’t visit other places so much. And there were parties every 2 weeks, when some people left and other were coming. Thanks Javier for everything. Javier is our Summer Stages Director. Hey JAVIER!!!!!!!!!!!! WHATS UP MAN???? I know u read our blog please put some comments, heheh, for me. Cya later JAVIER!!! You are the man.
Ok guys if u would like to come here, you are welcome. You will see our pro -tennis players: JC Ferrero, Garcia Lopez and other players, prove your tennis and have fun!!! Thanks that u read our blog! See you soon, maybe this summer, hehe.