Feb 23, 2008


Like every year, during June, July and August, Equelite-JCFerrero’s tennis Academy offers the opportunity to players from everywhere and all kind of levels, how is the truly essence of professional training. This program in holiday period wants to form players with the objective of developing his/her game and to start creating professional players in the future. Likewise, we also try that they reach maturity and the maximum performance of his/her potential like sport player and human beings, and certainly, an interest to wake them up in the physical activity that lasts during the rest of his/her lives.

A girl from Stage’07 said “For me, Equelite means a dream come true. I’ve been working very hard in the school and in my tennis club to be here, and now I can affirm that I’ve learned and enjoyed a lot in the Stage”.

And this is like that because what it began in 1995 as a small and humble residence with a couple of tennis courts, is now one of the best centres worlwide. Principally, due to two characteristics that are kept in force from the beginning: the familiarity and the daily work. Definitively: humility, familiarity and work are three virtues that have taken Juan Carlos Ferrero, join to his natural talent, the apex of the world tennis.

Last summer, all players of the Stage could verify how it is the life of a professional tennis player, not only practising it, but also coexisting with all Competition players of the Academy, some day with David Ferrer, and assiduous with Guillermo García-López and the former #1 Juan Carlos Ferrero. This year, we also will have the presence of professional players and other young promises of international prestige.

Like usually, the Summer Stage is divided in fortnights with a routine of double training in the morning and in the afternoon until the dinner’s time, moment in which the team of entertainers enters action to organize activities of all kinds for always tireless players.

The staff will be composed by the directors, coaches, trainers, physical therapists, psychologists, entertainers, doctors and some other qualified professionals with long years of experience.

In addition, about the activities we can advance the excursions to the water and paramount parks, the parties, the football and paddle, the swimming pool, the internal tournament, the classes of languages (Spanish or English), the golf …

Thus for our part, we hope that all the players who decide to visit us improve very much, enjoy the experience and especially, that spend an unforgettable time.

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