Apr 30, 2007

Grade 3 tournament in Spain -Day 5

Hey everybody!!!
Today was pretty interesting but a rainy day. Semifinals started and I thought everyone had been focused on the matches before today, not they are really looking nervous. For some people this day was really important and difficult. But it was not so good for our players and later I will tell you why???
All of the players started warming up pretty early and some players that were going to play doubles tried to be ready for their afternoon matches. After breakfast and morning classes, I went to the gym to warm up and work on some exercises for my legs. I watched a little of the girls matches Titta vs Konto (I think, if I’m wrong. I’m so sorry!) And another Goloborodka vs Cervera. The mathes were pretty exciting, all the coaches and guys from the academy watched the match between TItta and Konto. Everybody was worried so much but Titta lost in 2 sets. Game set match Konto in the final. In in the other match Goloborodko made her way to the final.
It was time to go to practice, but I played a little tennis and did some exercise, because of the rain. When I finished, I went to watch a pretty interesting match between Alen Bisevic and Seculic Milos. But on the other court was the real battle between 2 Spanish matadors: Rafael Mazon vs Patino Sanches . I could not watch two matches in the same time, I wish I had a twin brother to be on both courts. Lol. Between the two matches I chose to watch the match between Alen and Milos first. It was really difficult and huge match, powerful tennis from Seculic's side and control and passing shots from Alen's side. I think its normal for Swedish players, their style is to hit each ball as strong as you can and serve a second serve ace. The match was so long and Milos tried break the ball and Bisevic was trying to move his opponent and getting all the balls.
Then I went to watch the match of Spanish armada. Could not miss it. Mazon for me was leading all match. He was winning all balls. The match was 2 sets. Game, set, match Mazon. Congratulations.
Knowing the results of the second match, I could finish watching the match of Seculic and Alen. First set went to Bisevic 7/6 and seconnd set a break at 4/3 and then ……RAIN. So, everybody went to have lunch. Seculic and Alen could not eat because they were so worried. In one hour rain stopped and I don’t know why they started to play on another court. And then another situation of the match changed all of the sudden like the weather of that day.. the big break was coming. Alen lost the set 6/ 4 . In the third set Alen was broken for 2/1. Seculic was fighting amazing he was hitting every ball as strong as he can. He broke again for 5/ 2 . Match point at 5 / 4 then 5 / 5 then 6 / 5 and then finally 7/ 5 –game, set, match Seculic Milos CONGRATULATIONS!!! It was really amazing fighting from both sides, but very often in tennis the weather can change the winner.
Ok guys tomorrow will be final. Lets see, who will find their way to success and win the ITF tournament in Equelite.
See you and good luck. You are the best.

Apr 29, 2007

Grade 3 tournament in Spain -Day 4

Hey everybody!!!
I am still here with you in the Equelite Academy.
Today was the perfect weather for tennis. No sun, no wind, just a perfect chance to win the match event though when I got up the first thing that I saw it was drizzling. I wnt to the dinning room and everybody was leaving to warm up before their matches. All the players are looking more serious, everyone wants to be in final and to win.
Ok, when I finished classes, I went to see some matches. First match was Alen Bisevac (AUT) vs Singh Karanuday (IND). The match was pretty exciting.
Oh and today all matches had umpires in each court. But sorry guys, no ballboys. The first points started hard for both players. Big passing, every time the players cheered themselves up: Come on! Singh was talking so much with himself. But one ball changed the whole match. The score was 3/1, I think, for Alen. Singh hit the ball and Alen stopped the game. Out! The player from India was like Out??? The Umpire said that ball was out, too. After this Karanuday lost the game, he could not concentrate on the game, I think, that ball was still on his mind. Another funny moment was that Bisevac had a problem with his contact lenses, lol, after every point he was touching his eye. “Oh, I can't see the ball, hold on, I will fix it, a little to the left, no, no right.” After he ran to the bathroom to change his lenses. Game, set, match Alen Bisevic.
Other matches - the girls were playing. I watched just a little bit where Titta Torro (ESP) was losing 5 1 vs (I think) Zanevska Maryna (UKR). And Titta won this match 7/5. Girls tennis is so unpredictable.
I finished my practice and physical work. I’m really happy that my injury is getting better. Juan Carlos Ferrero has just come back from Barcelona, he was injured but I think he is better now. He was watching some matches of juniors guys. I think at that moment the pro players remember when they started playing, comparing themselves back then with their tennis now. Guillermo Garcia Lopez was also around but he spent his time in the gym.
The junior players were watching how the professional players work on their physique, it's really good for the juniors to learn from them.
In the evening, everybody was sitting in the TV room and talking about today’s matches. What about me, I’m sitting in my room and writing the blog for itftennis.com. On my usual blog Equelite Blog you can find more photos of the tournament.
Ok, guys, love tennis, play tennis and watch tennis.

Apr 28, 2007

Grade 3 tournament in Spain -Day 3

Hey from the hot country called Spain!
Today was the normal sunny day, when I came to the dinning room all the players looked more focused on the 2nd round. People's chances of winnnig the tournament are getting higher and higher, who will it be?? We will see…
Today doubles started too. All the players who lost in 1st round were trying to take their chance in doubles. What about me? After some lessons in school at about 11 o’clock, I went to watch some matches so I can tell you all about them. All of the players were running around with theirrackets: “I need to change the strings. I need to tape my wrist, my leg, please!!!”.
My physical exercises were done, so I went to watch the match Dean O’Brien(RSA) vs Alen Bisevac (AUT). The match was pretty interesting, at first I thought, "Alen is still warming up with Patxi (our player from the academy).” Because the court was pretty far away and Dean was wearing a cap and looked just like Patxi. But after some minutes I thought, ”hmmm Patxi doesn't play 2 hands forehand and backhand!” The match had some pretty big rallies, lots of passing balls, although Alen was hitting not so strong. O’Brien was trying to attack more but it didn't seem to work as it ended up game, set, match Alen Bisevic. I think, the score was 63 61, (lol) I was trying to watch another match on another court, so didn't catch the score.
The second one was Carlos Boluda (the fourteen year old Spanish guy I told you about yesterday) vs Joshua Milton (GBR). I knew before the match that it would be a tough one for both Boluda and Milton. I was watching Milton’s tennis and his advantage is his strong forehand and really good control. Milton was returning with really good power and he took the first set 64. Then I had to go and practice but I got back just at the moment when people started clapping for Milton, who won. Congratulations!!!
There were so many other matches I cannot report on all of them because because I was really busy. I went to the doctor who worked on my injury and then I had to go and do some physical work, you see I don't get time off just because I am a reporter this week too!
One more match I did have the chance to watch was Goran Jucopila (CRO) vs Milos Seculic (SWE). Goran is the maestro of our academy, and Milos came to the court much more serious after his match vs Bachiller (the guy with his cramps and great show). Goran made alot of mistakes in the first set and he showed a really good Croation fight (good job man), but he couldn't get past Milos who played really well. Game set match for Milos.
In the afternoon doubles started which was really nice. But one tip, after an hour of watching the guy you are going to play doubles against and you have seen all his strengths, like a huge forehand, when you start to play doubles, don't serve to his huge forehand!!! Yeah man, concentrate more next time!!!!In the evening when play was over everybody had dinner and went to watch football in TV room.
Ok guys Bye, see you tomorrow.
Respect and goodluck.

Apr 27, 2007

Grade 3 tournament in Spain -Day 2

Hey everybody!
I’m here with you again. Today is the first day of main draw in the tournament. All matches started about 9 o’clock so all of the players got up at about 8 o clock. When I came to the dinning room everyone was eating sandwiches, corn flakes and drinking juice. Some of them left early to warm up on the court.
Our life has not changed here, we start our day with gym, this week is the most difficult week, running again or tennis. “If you did not get to ITF this time, you will be ready for the next tournaments, be sure”, our couch said when we ran another 10 km today.
It was such hot weather but matches were pretty interesting and difficult. I did not see all of the matches because I could not miss out on my running! But I had a chance to watch the most interesting. I saw some really talented players and really good fighters.
The most interesting match was between Ignacio Bachiler from Spain and second seed Seculic Milos from Sweden. The match started really well, both players started with some great passing shots. But then they started to have some problems with the score and line calls. Then, after the third set Bachiller's leg began to cramp, he continued to play the point: Serve, hit the ball and AAAAAA no puedo (I can't). Another two points and he called the doctor. Later it was the same story with his second leg, thank god he has only two! Milos was serving for the match and it was the weirdest point: Milos served slowly, he was thinking that Bachiller would not be able to hit the return and he would get advantage but Bachiller was running like a chicken and screamed like a warrior AAAAA and hit an amazing winner. Bachiller was a great fighter, every time he hit a ball he was saying:” I can’t play anymore” but he carried on, however in the end he lost the third set and the match 67 62 61.
I saw another match with Carlos Boluda, a fourteen year old Spanish guy, he plays really good tennis. He got a Wild Card for the tournament and played a Romanian guy Andrei Savulescu. That was a really exciting match. When Boluda started, it was like BAH BAH no mistakes nothing, I was like wow! He won the first set 62. In the second set both players were really fighting well but Boluda was too good, game, set, match Boluda 62 75.
And Goran Jukopila if you see his match, you should listen to what he is saying after every point: Legend!!!! Maestro!!!!..... It was a really exciting match, too.
Today our player Guillermo Garcia Lopez came to visit the tournament, he's ranked No.60 in the world right now and was just playing at the Masters tournament in Monte Carlo, it's good that the pro players are interested in watching the junior matches.
So, the day is over, no more tennis for today, so all of the players have a chance to relax. They play computer games, cards, explore the internet, listen to music, when you go to the tent you see all types of resting and maybe you will find a way to relax for yourself, hehe.
Ok, guys, thanks and see you tomorrow.

Apr 26, 2007

Grade 3 tournament in Spain -Day 1

Day 1
Hey everybody!!!
I'm a blog-maker for one week for www.itftennis.com/juniors. Why me, you would ask, oh, I will explain, but first of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Kirill Kucherov. I am from Moscow (Russia), but at the moment I live and train at JC Ferrero Equelite academy in Spain. As the tournament will be here for this week, and I am here, why not let you know how everything is going.
At the moment I play more national tournaments but now I'm injured and I have a little bit more time to blog. Oh, and in my free time I am a blog-maker. Last year we decided to create our blog Equelite Blog. It’s first hand information about how future tennis stars are trained in Spain.
Ok, last Monday we started the preparations for the tournament. Last year the tournament was on hard courts now it's on clay. In the Academy a new office was built, where all players come to sign-in for the tournament. Everything is well organised to a very high level. Alot of people have come, to play the tournament.
I think the Academy has done a great job for the players. The Academy has all the conditions we need to practice, all type of courts and places to live. So the players who come to the tournament can stay inside the academy and show their best game and not have to waste their time travelling.
The players stay in small houses where players who come to train at the academy for more than one week usually stay. Or some of them get to stay in V I P houses. Lucky ones!!! Players can choose what to eat in the kitchen. For the players big tents are put up where they can watch TV and use Wireless or normal internet. There are shops where they can get drinks, ice cream and sweets and there are lots of courts for warming up before their matches.
As for qualies, there were so many interesting matches and funny things. Some won, some lost, that’s tennis. I heard like one coach said: “Don’t worry, man, strings are not so expensive. Please hit the centre of the racket!!!!”
Main draw starts today, Tuesday and I think there are going to be many interesting matches.
Ok, guys tomorrow I’ m going to write more about the day and we will see who is going to win this tournament.

Apr 25, 2007

Tournament in photos! (Part 2)

Player:Torro Flor Maria Teresa (ESP)

Player: Savulescu Andrei (ROM)

Antonio Martinez Cascales

Player: Osadze Revaz (GEO)

Player: Herbert Pierre Hugues (FRA)

Player: Bachiller De Harc Ignacio (ESP) with Samuel Lopez

Player: Sekulic Milos (SWE)

Jose Manuel Madrona

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Tournament in photos!

Player:Boluda Pur Carlos (ESP)

Player: Meliuk Maria (BLR)

Player:Eugenia Yordanova

Player: Barnes Lewis (GBR)

Player: Mazon Rafael (ESP)

Player: Jukopila Goran (CRO)

Player: Bachiller De Harc Ignacio (ESP)

Player:Bisevac Alen (AUT)

Apr 24, 2007

Campeonatos Internacionales Junior de Tenis de la Comunidad Valenciana 2007

Hey everybody!!!
I'm a blog-maker for one week for www.itftennis.com/juniors.
Ok, last Monday we started the preparations for the tournament "the Campeonatos Internacionales Junior de Tenis de la Comunidad Valenciana"24 Apr to 28 Apr 2007. Last year the tournament was on hard courts now it's on clay. In the Academy a new office was built, where all players come to sign-in for the tournament. Everything is well organised to a very high level. Alot of people have come, to play the tournament.

Me (Kirill Kucherov)

Apr 18, 2007

Valencia, Virtual tournament, ITF and show for TV.

Hey everybody!!!
This week was so exiting and I have not so much time for blog, sorry. But I did everything to answer to your questions. This week Valencia tournament has started. Ok lets start…..
I remember I read so many things and books about tennis. And so any people asked which road to success. So many people said that to be professional is so difficult. Hmmmm, you know, there are 2 ways, like in life. One of them to go down and one of them to go up. Way down, that’s for people for whom everything is impossible. And they look for easy ways in there life and try to push other people down. And Up is just for believers and that’s. And that’s happened in tournament in Valencia, maybe. Some really good players, who were out of 100 ATP for some reason, try to find themselves and come back in 100 ATP. They are going to fight like a beast to find the place under the sun.
First of all, lets start form Saturday. Some of our players, who got WC, went to the tournament. This year Toni Martinez, our father, was the director of this tournament. It was such a rainy day in academy. And so many people from Germany, Qatar and England came. We spent that day in our TV room. We were sitting and watching MTV. Rain outside, the window pure down. And Samuel said that we should play a virtual tournament on PS 3. Virtual tennis 3 ….. we were like oooooooook, Samuel. He made the draw and everybody started playing. It was so funny. I chose Andy Roddick. JC Ferrero and Garcia were watching. Yeah, for them football would be more interesting but…. And I won this tournament in final, easy for me. Thanks for congratulations.
In the evening our professional guys came back, they were look like: ''OHHHH I m professional player, how hard it is''. All of them lost except Alen (his player was retired). Next round of qually he lost. That was qually and then the most interesting - Main draw!!!
On Monday I went to Valencia. I got player’s card. With this card I could pass everywhere. I was like, ok, lets do it. When I came to the rest room, I saw players like Mayer, Almagro and others. There were 2 PS 3 , free drinks, internet and so many sofas. It looked nice. I was like: wow I’m around prof tennis players. It was really cool . So, I went to watch some matches. One of them was Gaibashvile vs Simon. I was sitting on V I P and watching the match. And one little boy came to me. “You are Simon’s coach?” “Sorry, Man, I ‘m just a player of Equelite.” Yeah, who knows, what is better to be a prof coach or prof player. I chose 2nd.
The whole week I spent my time in Valencia. I have been injured for 3 weeks. I can play tennis but not so strong. But, that’s ok, I’m strong Russian, hehhe. I met Ventura and his coach, Pedro Rico (do u remember Pedro Rico?He was in the academy and went to study in America). Ventura showed so good result in Valencia. He played so good and fought amazing, seriously guys. This guy is a legend player. His match with Martin was so difficult. Me, Pedro, Jose Ezequel and other 2 guys shouted: Come on! 3 0 down 3d set. We were shouting again: You can do it, Man. And 6 4 VAMOS!!! Respect GUYS!!!!
I spoke with really good people in Valencia: organizers, players, umpires. Yeah, it was really good. Almagro was in good form. Garcia lost first round vs Korolev. And in 2nd Round JC Ferrero vs Alberto Martin. But Ferrero was so sick. Seriously, you just can’t understand his feelings, how hard he wanted to win this tournament. Oh, James Ward, I forgot about him. Before the match James said: “Its going to be difficult. Scream come on as strong as you can. Lets try to win this match.” He played with French guy GENSSE, Augustine, who passed qualy, he was really good fighter, guys. I watched his match the last round of qualy. 5 1 down 3rd set and he won 7 5 I was like WOW!!! This guy has really good not HUGE forehand. And good serve and volley. But backhand he played more slice. James’ start was good -7 6 ,but then he lost set and then guys, I could not believe, 2 0 UP and he lost match 6 4. I said to James: ”No problems, Man, lets go and punch this guy!!!” Any way, this guy lost vs Navarro.
Monday again. We started to play pre qualy. I could not play, I had so big pain in my arm. I did my the best. But I continue working. Our doctor said that I must rest. I cant do it, I need to play and I play like 30 min every day.
Russian Journalists came to make report about our academy. Me and commercial director showed the academy, the way we live, train and rest. Hope, we will see this programme on TV. Or they will send us a copy heheeee.
Thanks guys. I think I wrote too much. But that’s how we do!!! Life is my court. And in blog I try to show what a great life we have here.

Apr 13, 2007

Answers to your comments!!!

Hi Guys! At last, I found the anwers to your questions. Ready? Enjoy!!!

-Morgan Z said:You people are going to have a Grade 3 ITF at your academy, right? A player I know should be there.
-Yes, the tournament is growing every year thanks to the effort of Juan Carlos and Sharapova.
-Mount Goddess said: thanks that was a really good read. I have a little question for you, how long to do study at the academy for?
-We study 2 hours and half per day after practice.
-Vivian said:thank you,kirill .
a song said that how many roads must a man walkd down before you can call him a man.i think if you want to be a hero, you have to do more work and suffer more pain.
just do your best,kirill,then i think you can succeed. and i have two question to ask JC.
one is what's the happiest thing in studing tennis when he was young?
-When he was young, one of the happier moment was when Spanish Federation called him to be part of the Spanish team under 14.
-i know JC likes football very very much,so do i.my the other question is why he perfered tennis to football? thanks! best wishes to you all!
-Well, he played good in both, but he knew that he could win more matches with tennis.
-Hi Kirill!I have a question or two for Guillermo Garcia Lopez. Having broken into the top 100, what are his goals this year? How has working with Josep Perlas helped his game?
-He would like to finish top 50 this year and to improve his results in Master Series. Perlas is a very experimented coach and you always can learn something with him.
-Hi Kirill: Some questions for Juan Carlos. What aspects of his game does Juan Carlos feel have improved since he began working with Josep Perlas?
-His service and to attack again with his forehand inside the court.
-Also, I heard that he bought a hotel near Valencia. What is it called and has it opened yet? Will the tennis players at the Valencia tournament stay there?
-It’s called La suite de Ferrero and it will open in summer.
-I have a question for Juan Carlos: Do you ever visit any of your fan websites?
-Yes, when he’s in the tournaments he usually check every fan websites.
-I've got a question for JCF:how do you usually feel just before playing a match,taking into account that you should be focused on the match itself and playing in front of so many people?
-He never thinks in that, before he goes to the court he wish enjoying in the match.
-i'm kriti,from mauritius,you've probably never heard about it before,and i,ve got 2 questions for JCF :how's his dog called?and why doesn't he come on holidays in mauritius one day?
-His dog is called Roca. Everybody says that Mauritus island is very beautiful and he would like to go with his family.
-what does Ferrero think of racism?
-He’s completely in opposition to the racism.

Thanks for your questions,guys!

P.S. Dont forget to watch the movie "Juan Carlos Ferrero No strings" (4 parts)!!!

Apr 2, 2007

Enjoy your life today, think about tomorrow, but always remember your history!

Hey guys!!!
How r u? Its me, Kirill and today I’d love to write about history of this academy. I was thinking about this idea, but I didn’t know details. Yeah, in official site you can read about it but I’d like to write more about JC Ferrero and Garcia Lopez. And just about life here. It was a Saturday evening. Many stage people came here for one week and for me it was the very good gift. With all these people was our friend Javi. And I had a chance to ask him some questions about history. He told me very interesting things that I did not know. Ok, guys, get ready to read history of our academy.
First of all, the Academy was made in 1995. It was Equelite. Toni bought a small field, where there were just 2 clay courts and one old house. The staff was small as the academy, just Toni, Samuel and Carlos(financial director). They started to make this academy. And they didn’t know that a boy named JC Ferrero would be number 1 in the world. There were just few players: JC Ferrero, Jose Ezequel, Pedro Rico, Santiago Ventura and 2 more players. The Academy was like one big family, because all job for the academy Toni’s family was doing. His Brother, his sister and other members of the family. In Villena city, which is near Alicante, were not clay courts, just hard. And every morning all players were running 30 min to the city to play on hard courts and they were coming back running. You’d ask, why they did not go there by car, because it was their gym. Yeah, for me, I think, it was really difficult life and I respect their persistence.
Until 14 years old JC Ferrero was number 1 in Junior ranking. And tennis federation offered him to practice in Barcelona for free. And Toni asked tennis federation: “Could u give money for us, And our player will practice here with us.” But tennis federation said no and Ferrero continued to practice here. In his 16 years old, his Mother died. Juan Carlos was upset and he did not want to play tennis any more. His world was broken for him. His coach Toni said: “Don’t give up. Continue fighting. You will be the great player.” Toni asked Ferrero to live with him in his house. After some years Ferrero won Rolland Garros Junior.
He started to grow up and there were lots of offers from many good coaches, But Juan Carlos continue working with his coach and good friend Toni. After 1999 Ferrero won Mallorca and then Rolland Garros . He started to be number 1.
I’m very proud to practice here to be the player of academy and the part of the family. All players, who started their tennis here with JC Ferrero, are really champions and number 1: Jose Ezequel, Pedro Rico, Santiago Ventura. All these people are heroes. They all help to the academy. This is really the big family Equelite. I’m so happy to be the part of them. I found good friends here and people who believe in me. I don’t think about my ranking in future. I’m just happy that I have this perfect life. Every morning I get up when the sun is shining over my window in my face with thoughts that today all good things will go in to my way and go to the court to do my great job. And I believe that in one day, I will see the bright light and I will use my chance. I think the strongest weapon is belief, love of the game and god will be with you. With hard work, you will make it to a place called Success!!
Ok, guys, I have to go. One more thing I would like u to do for me: ask me questions about JC Ferrero or Garcia Lopez’s past. Or some questions to me. Lets talk a little with u, guys=). I give all words to you. Put your questions here in comments. Thanks a lot and later I will write about Garcia Lopez. Maybe, you will help me with questions.
Tennis with u!!!