Jan 31, 2011

Tennis Summer Camp 2011

Registration for Tennis summer camp 2011 has started. We'd be happy to see you all this summer.

We prepared special offer for you:
  • British Camp: Only in August, the Academy offers physical and tennis training by native british coaches. The number of vacancies is lim-ited (8) each two weeks.

  • Tennis+English: Only in August, the Academy also offers English classes (4 hours) and tennis classes (3 hours) every day. The number of vacancies is limited (16).

  • Discount for 3 weeks training: Only in August and June, if you book the camp for 3 weeks, you will get 15% off

Please ask for details with your agent.

Russia and other country - equelite@gmail.com

Australia - equelite@gmail.com

Jan 10, 2011

Questions about summer tennis camp 2011

Before to send a child to the summer stage, parents have a lot of questions, the main of them, I would like to answer here.

What is the summer stage in JC Ferrero Tennis Academy?

Summer Stage is a program in vacation period that offers the opportunity of knows the real essence of professional training to players of the whole world and all kinds of levels. In words of a player of the Stage of last year, "it is a made dream reality".

Is there transportation to and from the airport?

Yes, of course. The Academy is able to drive anyone to or from Alicante Airport, the Bus Station in Alicante or the Railway Station in Villena from 10 AM to 6 PM. But if the flight or bus doesn’t arrive or depart during the above periods, the Academy send their own taxis.

How many hours of tennis and physics are there every day?

Approximately, 4 hours of tennis and 2 of physical, with the option of the particular classes for whom he wishes them.


08:30 Breakfast

09:00 Technical-Tactical Training

11:30 Physical Training

12:30 Complementary activities

13:30 Lunch

16.30 Training on court

18.30 Other activities

20.30 Dinner

21.00 Complementary recreational activities

23:00 Lights out

Will a child practice in a group or individual? How many kids are in the group?

These hours that I have said before they are all in group, of there that exist the particular classes. But, there are maximum 4 players for group and court.

Who will be working with a child?

Undoubtedly, coaches of first category with years of experience. Besides a team of physical coaches, physiotherapists, etc.

Will a child be in an appropriate age-level group?

Always. The first day we do a few tests to know the level of all players. And in the evening groups are already definite.

How long has staff been there?

The team is in the habit of changing a bit every year with the aim to be better. But it is going to be the fourth year consecutive by this generation. Some of them have been professional players before.

Who will look after the child when he/she is outside the court? Can he/she leave the academy alone?

Group leaders are the persons responsible for players during their free time after practice and until they go to bed. Their duties consist in organizing activities in groups according to the age and tastes of each player. Their mission is to create a happy atmosphere among the players and to ensure that they enjoy themselves.

How much will a child improve?

Very much and not only of tennis, he also will improve in physical, nutrition, companionship, culture, etc. And what is more important, he will live the only experience. Seeing to a world number 1 as Ferrero doing the same things that they inside like out of the court, it will motivate them.

What includes in the price?

The Course includes the following:

  • Room and full board inside of the Academy
  • Daily tennis and physical training (morning and afternoon)
  • Physiotherapy services - diagnosis and treatment of injuries
  • Use of all the Academy facilities
  • Periodical test of physical training/stamina, psychological and technical tennis skills
  • Technical, social and physical report at the end of the Course (development, progress, recommendations, etc.)
  • Complementary recreational activities
  • Accidents insurance
  • Transfer and ticket for the excursion
  • Presents and photo with Juan Carlos Ferrero if it’s possible

The following costs are not included and will be invoiced separately:

  • Transfer to the airport
  • Sports material
  • Laundry
  • Sports massage
  • Language classes
  • Golf lessons
  • hotel for parents

How to sign in?

For your convenience, we have agents all over the world who will be happy to provide you with full information about summer tennis camp and other programms too.